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Music Rooms

Members of South have access to two music rooms in the Hub: one exclusively for South College and a large room we share with John Snow College.

The South College music room is great for individual or small group practice and is fitted with a drum kit, an upright piano and amps for guitar and bass. In the large shared room there is a baby grand piano and space for larger groups to practice both music and song.

A student playing the drums

Ben (JCR Chair) rocking out on the drums in the South music room

A student playing an upright piano

Haf (JCR Senior Welfare Officer) checking out the piano in the South music room

Two students using the music room, one singing and the other playing drums

Ben (JCR Chair) and Alain (JCR International Officer) having a sesh in the shared music room

A student playing a baby grand piano

Haf (JCR Senior Welfare Officer) giving it a go on the baby grand piano in the shared music room