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Junior Common Room (JCR)

The Junior Common Room is at the heart of the wider student experience for undergraduates at South College, providing a range of opportunities for students to get involved in College life.

Established by our Pioneer Scholars, our Junior Common Room (JCR) was founded by students from across the University who have brought a wealth of knowledge and experience from existing Colleges to South. The JCR gives students the opportunity to determine their student experience, whether that is by joining a range of sports teams and societies, creating a new club or society, running for leadership positions, or enjoying a variety of activities and events.

Postgraduate students are also able to join our JCR and represented by a Post Graduate Officer on the JCR Exectuive Committee. Being a member of our Junior Common Room gives you full access to the clubs, sports, and societies at South, while providing the freedom to also take part in activities specifically designed for postgraduate students.


A football player kicking a ball

South College Football Club

South College Netball Players playing a game of netball

South College Netball A Team

Five people in a rowing boat on the river Wear

South College Boat Club