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Welcome to Hild Bede from The Principal, Professor Simon Forrest

Welcome to Hild Bede

My congratulations to you on becoming part of the postgraduate community here at the mighty College of St Hild and St Bede or as we know and love it, Hild Bede. I am excited about the prospect of seeing you soon and extending a warm welcomes to what I hope will be some of the happiest, most stimulating and exciting times of your life. Our College is proud to be a 'home from home', a place of history with a big heart welcoming people from a wide range of backgrounds who will enrich our College.
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University student
I'm Ciaran, and as your SRC President, it's my job to oversee the dazzling array of student activity at Hild Bede - from clubs and societies to big social events like our balls and formals! You can find me in the SRC Office in Hild so please drop in to say hello, and if you've got any queries please get in touch! You can reach me at

Ciaran Duggan
SRC President



University student
We are so excited to welcome you to your new home at Hild Bede in September! I am the postgraduate president for the 2022/23 class year, and my responsibility is to repre​sent you, your needs, and the best interests of the postgraduate community on the Hild Bede Student Representative Council (SRC). I know that many of you are coming from the around the world and are new to both Durham and graduate school. Hild Bede has helped me grow so much as a student, and my goal is to ensure that everyone feels included in college life as well as make the most of the many incredible opportunities Durham has to offer for you.

Brandon Holmes
SRC Postgraduate President

 College Community Handbook for 2022-23

This is our College Community Handbook for 2022-23. In here you will find important and useful information about membership of our College including residency. This is essential reading for all students. 

College Community Handbook 2022-23




General Information about tuition and accommodation fees

The payment of University charges is never going to be the high point of your student experience here at Durham, but we hope that this information makes it as pain free as possible. You have been reminded on a number of occasions of what you need to do, but we recommend that you retain this information for future reference. You may wish to share it with your parents.

General Information about tuition and accommodation fees General Information about tuition and accommodation fees

Registration with a Doctor in Durham

One of your top priorities is to register with doctors at a local medical practice so that you can access healthcare in Durham when you need it. This is especially important if you have an ongoing health condition or require repeat medication and for support with vaccinations and health measures related to Covid-19.

Your choice of medical practice will be determined by the area in which you live. The practice area of the Claypath and University Medical Group covers the University and the Colleges and is very close to Hild Bede.

You can read information about registering with a doctor via this link.


Student Safety

Your safety is very important to us at Hild Bede. We are delighted to provide you with some advice from the local Fire Service about fire safety and also a guide to using our 'Report and Support' tool which is a way to report bullying and harassment, hate incidents, sexual misconduct and domestic abuse. All staff, students and visitors to our campus are able to use
this online tool.


Fire Safety

Fire Safety in student accommodation is extremely important. Please watch this short video from the local fire service which gives you some simple 'dos and don'ts'. It also includes some advice and information regarding items that are not allowed in your accommodation. This is to ensure that you are aware of all the risks and to know how to keep yourself and others safe.


Report + Support

We take reports of bullying and harassment, hate incidents, sexual misconduct and domestic abuse seriously. All staff, students and visitors to our campus are able to use this online tool which enables you to tells us about any incident. The webpages to be found here contain information and links to support as well as the online reporting tool. You can also watch a short video here which shows you the pages and describes the support that you can access








Your first week in Durham – University Induction Week Events Timetable

The Timetable has been designed so College events don’t clash with any of your academic departmental events, but offer you lots of opportunities to meet your fellow Freshers, find your way around and settle into student life.

To help you keep track of where you need to be, and what you need to do during your first busy days at university, in your College and your Department, we have created a day-by-day University Induction Planner. This should help you to plan your schedule, so you don't miss anything - from being issued with your Campus Card or meeting the staff in your Department, to trying out for a sports team or joining a student society.
Your Personal Induction Planner
Students on laptop with cups of tea in Josephine Butler College café

Student updates

Check out our student blogs to read more about life at Durham from our students. Don't forget to follow us on social media!


What to bring to University

Read our top recommendations to add to your packing list ready for your arrival at Durham.

Welcome to Durham – and stop worrying!

Moving to University can be a daunting prospect but there’s no need to worry, you’ll feel right at home here.
Durham Cathedral and Framwellgate Bridge over the River Wear