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Single and Couple Accommodation

As part of the University’s forward-thinking strategy to provide the best student experience, our brand new accommodation at Sheraton Park opened in September 2017. Sheraton Park is located on the western fringe of Durham City, approximately one mile west of the city centre.

Our new home offers premium accommodation close to the city centre and University facilities. You can choose from:

  • Single Ensuite room with a shared kitchen between 3-7 rooms.
  • A studio with a private kitchen designed for couples.
  • Premium paired rooms, where two private single rooms share a small kitchenette and Ensuite.

Couple Studio Room

Our studios have a modern feel and are ideal for couples. Each studio is complete with a double bed, desk, kitchen and en-suite bathroom.

Single Ensuite Room

Our single en-suite bedrooms offer plenty of space and come complete with a 3/4 bed, multiple storage options, desk and private en-suite bathroom. Each single en-suite is part of a larger flat ranging in size from 3 - 7 single en-suite rooms. Each flat has a shared kitchen and living space.

Single Shared Ensuite room with Kitchenette

Two private single rooms are arranged around a shared kitchenette and bathroom. Each bedroom within a paired room offers plenty of space and includes a 3/4 bed, multiple storage options and desk.

Ordered Bedding Pack

Bedding packs appropriate to your residence are available to purchase now (please see the links below).

Each bedding pack contains: bed sheets, 1 duvet, 2 pillows, 1 duvet cover, 2 pillow cases and a set of towels.

Further details are below:


Student studying in Sheraton Park Studio with desk, storage and double bed

Sheraton Park Studio

Student studying at desk in Sheraton Park Studio

Sheraton Park En-suite room

Students in kitchen area in Sheraton Park Studio preparing food and socialising

Sheraton Park Flat Kitchen

Sheraton Park part of Ustinov College

External shot of Sheraton Park