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Research and Scholarly Activity

As a solely postgraduate community, Ustinov College provides a unique and vibrant academic environment where Ustinovians engage in dialogue and debate across different cultures and disciplines. The Global Citizenship Programme includes the Café Politique, Café Scientifique, Café des Arts, the Ustinov Seminar, and Race Crime and Justice teams, who organise seminars and debates with academics, activists and research students to share their research or insights on topics of interest. In addition, the Ustinov Annual Conference was set up in 2015 to explore the intersection of academic theory and real life practice.

Academic staff from across different departments of Durham University and beyond are members of our Senior Common Room which organises discussion groups on hot topics, careers seminars for future academics, and aims to provide support and mentoring research students.

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Ustinov Annual Conference 2023

After the success of Ustinov Annual Conference in 2022 on Re-Imagining Knowledge Production and Access’.

Ustinov College is happy to announce that we are organising an international conference on the theme of ‘Powering the future we want: Global innovative approach in sustainable energy and environmentin the summer of 2023. 

The 9th Ustinov Annual Conference will take place on Thursday 15 June 2023 at the Calman Learning Centre (CLC 202, Rosemary Cramp Lecture Theatre).

The conference aims to cover:

  • Renewable energy and advancement in energy conservation
    - Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Wave energy, Energy-efficient machines, Energy conservation techniques for buildings and Energy Storage techniques
  • Sustaining clean water for the future
    - Water treatment techniques, Water conservation and Water supply and management
  • Carbon capture technologies
    - Carbon Capture Utilisation & Storage, Low-Carbon Hydrogen Production. Systems Integration & Infrastructure and E-Fuels & Hydrogen Propulsion

To register, please click the following link: before midnight on Monday 12th June.


Please see the timetable below:








Professor Glenn McGregor 

Opening ceremony 


Keynote speaker – Professor Janet Stephenson 

“Culture and Sustainability Transition” 


Coffee break 

Coffee break 


Keynote speaker - Professor Simone Abram 

“What is a Just Transition and why should we want one” 


Keynote speaker - Professor Douglas Halliday 

“The renewable energy transition: Making it work in practice”  


Lunch + poster 

Lunch + poster 


Kalila Helen Mackenzie 

“The impact of government grants on households’ willingness to pay for microgeneration heating technologies -An empirical analysis of household preferences” 


 Xinyue Li 

“Pluralistic Reconciliation or Relative Politicization: Emerging Energy Security under Quantizing Geoeconomics in International Trade Law” 


Esha Afrin 

“What Makes a Drinking Water Technology Climate Resilient?” 


Jordan Fuentes-Holden 

“Wind Turbine Wake Control via Smart Rotor Blade Technology” 


Xingyu Liu 

“Exploiting modern image processing and machine learning in surface flow visualization” 


Coffee break 

Coffee break 


Leonard Schliesser 

“Vital system security in a smart-gridded environment and governing the blackout as catastrophe” 


Catherine Crockett 

“From Sewage Treatment to Resource Recovery: utilising waste materials as reactants for catalysts” 


Sophie Draper 

“Designing, Comparing and Futureproofing Wind Turbine Generators” 


Carlos Tornel 

“Do engineers dream of electric capitalism? (Or why the energy transitions must be decolonial and anti-capitalist)” 


Anthony Jones 

“Is the whole greater than the sum of its parts? Assessing the combined effect of multiple natural flood management features on downstream flooding” 


Professor Glenn McGregor 

Closing remarks


Drinks Reception 

Drinks reception