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External Resources

Information on how you can receive support and help from external resources.

Durham City Centre

Sexual Assault Referral Centre

Sexual Assault Referral Centres offer advice, support, counselling, sexual health screening referrals, confidential forensic medical examination and the support of an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA). You can approach them in confidence, whether or not you wish to make a formal report to the Police or University. They can collect and store forensic evidence, and support you if you later choose to report the incident to the Police. It is also possible to pass on anonymous information about the sexual assault, which may help agencies identify offending patterns / behaviour or serial offenders. 

Local Sexual Assault Referral Centres


The Meadows SARC: Covering the County Durham and Darlington area

  • Staff are available for advice or referrals during office hours, Monday to Friday on 0191 375 2933

The Teesside SARC: Covering Teesside and surrounding areas

  • Staff are available on 01642 061230 Monday – Friday, 9am - 5pm or via email:
  • The 24 hour SARC North East Referral number is 03333 448 283 (press option 2 for Durham)

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To report an in incident to the police, students should call 101. If you wish to seek advice it should be noted that the call handler will generate a crime report should there be sufficient information to do so.

Durham Constabulary

Purple Line Separator SlimCounselling

Rape & Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre

Offers counselling and support to women who have experienced rape, sexual violence, and/or domestic abuse in County Durham and Darlington. It offers a helpline service and ongoing face-to-face and telephone-based counselling and support. Note: Students and staff of all gender identities can access Rape & Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre counsellors on campus through the Counselling Service.

RSACC also provides a service for men and boys who would like to talk to someone about rape or sexual abuse, for more information please visit their website.

Arch North East (Queen’s)

Arch provide counselling, help and support to those who have experienced rape and/or sexual violence and are pursuing criminal proceedings or have been referred to by Helen Britton House SARC Teeside.

Purple Line Separator SlimDomestic Abuse Support


Provides support, help and information to women and men experiencing domestic violence.

24-Hour National Domestic Violence Helpline (for women)

Provides support, help and information to women experiencing domestic violence.

National LGBT Domestic Abuse Helpline

Provides specialist support for LGBT people who have experienced abuse including sexual violence within a relationship.

Men’s Advice Line (for men)

Provides support, help and information to men experiencing domestic violence.

Purple Line Separator SlimHelplines & Online Support

Rape Crisis National Telephone Helpline

Provides confidential support and/or information about nearest services. Open daily 12.00pm – 2.30pm and 7.00pm to 9.30pm.

Rape & Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre Helpline

Provides free confidential information and support to women and girls directly or indirectly affected by sexual violence, abuse or domestic abuse. Calls are anonymous. Open Monday to Thursday 10am - 2pm.

RSACC also provides a service for men and boys who would like to talk to someone about rape or sexual abuse, for more information please visit their website.

Survivors UK (for men)

Offers web chat helpline support to men who have experienced sexual violence, and their families and carers. Open daily 12pm - 8pm.

Revenge Porn Helpline

Offers confidential advice and support to individuals who have had intimate photos/videos distributed off/online without their consent. Open Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm

Safeline's National Male Helpline (for men)

Offers support to men affected by rape or childhood sexual abuse.

Rape and Sexual Assault Overseas

Guidance on what to do if sexually assaulted whilst abroad, including how the local Embassy can help.

National Stalking Helpline

Offers information, advice and guidance to individuals who are victims of stalking. Open weekdays 9.30am – 4.00pm and Wednesdays 1pm – 4pm

Karma Nirvana National Helpline

Provides support to victims of Forced Marriage and so called 'Honour Based' Abuse. Open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Purple Line Separator SlimGeneral Support

Durham Students’ Union Advice Centre


Student-led listening service. Open every night of term 9pm - 7am.

Purple Line Separator SlimSelf Help

VictimFocus: Caring for yourself after sexual violence

Free E-learning course with unlimited access 

Survivors Network: Survivors Self Help Guide

A self help guide for survivors who want to understand and process their own personal reactions to their experience

Survivors Network: Resources 

A list of resources for survivors and supporters including self-help guides, videos, galleries and more.

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To print a list of support resources, please click here.