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Excavation and watching briefs 

We conduct archaeological excavations and schemes of archaeological monitoring (watching briefs) as mitigation schemes once planning permission has been granted. 

Our excavations are tightly timetabled to facilitate the developer’s programme. 

Monitoring schemes are conducted as alternatives, where any archaeological remains encountered during the developer’s groundworks can be recorded as the development takes place. 

An archaeologist using a gps to record an excavated ditch section

Excavation and recording of a ditch section prior to development works

Overview of an excavation area surrounded by trenches with the features of a Romano-British settlement in dark brown against the lighter natural soil

Open air excavation at Pocklington showing the outline of a Romano-British settlement in the soil

Brick arches uncovered during work at an industrial ironworks

Photogrammetry model showing brick arches uncovered during the excavation of an industrial ironworks

A JCB moving large stone blocks on the edge of a stream, with stone built cottages and forest in the background

Monitoring work at Killhope Mining Museum during bank repairs

Archaeologists uncovering a series of walls on an urban excavation

Excavation and recording of a series of walls uncovered during works prior to development

Case study: Meadowcroft, Elwick Road, Hartlepool, archaeological investigations

Meadowcroft was originally built in 1895, on Elwick Road, Hartlepool. As part of the planning process a desk-based assessment and watching brief was conducted prior to development. Historical records provided a background history for the Grade II listed house and surrounding area. This was used as a baseline for the watching brief carried out during the groundworks for new houses on the site. The brick foundations of the glasshouse shown on the 2nd edition Ordnance Survey map of 1896 were found.

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