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Professor John Evans co-authors an authoritative text book on Solid State Materials Chemistry; an example of our excellence in research leading to broad impact and research-led teaching by one of the world experts in materials chemistry and X-ray powder diffraction.

Professor John Evans co-authors an authoritative text book on Solid State Materials Chemistry. 

This comprehensive textbook provides a modern, self-contained treatment for upper undergraduate and graduate level students. It emphasizes the links between structure, defects, bonding, and properties throughout, and provides an integrated treatment of a wide range of materials, including crystalline, amorphous, organic and nano-materials. Boxes on synthesis methods, characterization tools, and technological applications distil specific examples and support student understanding of materials and their design. The first six chapters cover the fundamentals of extended solids, while later chapters explore a specific property or class of material, building a coherent framework for students to master core concepts with confidence, and for instructors to easily tailor the coverage to fit their own single semester course. With mathematical details given only where they strengthen understanding, 400 original figures and over 330 problems for hands-on learning, this accessible textbook is ideal for courses in chemistry and materials science. More details and reviews at: