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Research laboratory at Durham University Chemistry department

A novel investigation by the research group of Dr John Sanderson describing the effects of small organic molecules on lipid membranes revealed that reactivity with lipids depends on the structure - not on the lipophilicity - of the small molecule.

The Scientist Next Door project is there to connect neighbours, families and scientists, during the lockdown and to support home-schooling.

With COVID-19 restrictions implemented around the globe, the education of a large proportion of the world's student population is directly impacted, removing an opportunity to learn through activities and interactions.

This situation puts the pressure of home-schooling onto parents.

Scientist Next Door creates a platform to share our passion for science and to help bring up the new generation of fantastic scientists! This initiative is by a small group of scientists from the Universities of Edinburgh and Durham. We support parents through group video calls, blogs to support an individual child's learning needs, and shared educational resources.

Lysis of membrane lipids promoted by small organic molecules: Reactivity depends on structure but not lipophilicity.