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The 2023 Annual MoSMed CDT conference at the Helix in Newcastle

Huge thanks to all who were able to join us in person for the annual MoSMed CDT conference, organised by Emma Worden and Craig Hinds on May 16th and 17th at the Frederick Douglass Centre at the Newcastle Helix. Over 120 participants, including over 50 MoSMed PhD students, enjoyed a wide range of scientific presentations, flash presentations and a poster session by our students. The quality and breadth of our students’ projects is truly breath-taking, ranging from DNA-encoding libraries to MRI imaging and the application of machine learning to drug discovery.


Particular thanks go to Professor Tracey Gloster from the University of St. Andrews for a fascinating plenary on the importance and diversity of carbohydrate processing enzymes. And of course, we are grateful to all of our industrial and academic partners, who so generously support many of our MoSMed students. The non-scientific highlight – in particular for football fans - was the fantastic conference dinner at St. James Park.  We very much look forward to welcoming the team to Durham next year