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8 June 2023 - 8 June 2023

1:00PM - 2:30PM


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A staff and postgraduate seminar with Dr Esther Osorio Whewell.

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A staff and postgraduate research seminar.

In this seminar, Dr Whewell will be thinking about early modern prayerbooks with diagrams and curly brackets in them—particularly printed translations of Lancelot Andrewes’s Private Prayers—in conversation with writing from the early days of (nineteenth-century) pragmatic philosophy. She will use some of pragmatism’s strange diagrams and drawings, and the writing which surrounds and explains them or explains with them, not only to think about how to talk, understand, organise thinking, by way of lines, but also to consider—with James’s writing on religious experience and belief; Peirce’s on clarity—the problem of faith in, or for, early modernist literary criticism which works with prayers.