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Conference attendees discuss over a group Zoom call, and other attendees pose in a group photo

We are delighted to share the success of the FLRN 2022 Conference in spite of the impact of the concurrent COVID and heat waves! Following on the positive feedback on the NanoLubrication 2021 Conference, Miro Cafolla (Physics, CMP) organised a meeting also this year (20-21 July 2022) with the generous support of the Institute of Advanced Studies.

The Conference took place in hybrid mode and brought together world leaders and early career researchers to discuss the latest advances in the field of friction, lubrication and rheology at the nano and mesoscale. 

With friction playing a key role in a wide spectrum of technologically relevant applications from the functioning of our joints to industrial and car machines, the meeting had a special focus on real-world applications and supported the dialogue with invited industry,

The meeting, furthermore, allowed plenty of time for discussions and opportunities for graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and early career researchers to present their findings and to interact with leading experts in the field, with the latter helping the next generation to develop their own independent research. 

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