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Course Aims

We aim to provide you with an education in physics that:

  • Attracts high quality students from a variety of backgrounds.
  • Is stimulating and intellectually challenging.
  • Develops the potential of each student to meet new challenges and to lay the foundations of versatility and innovative thinking they will need in careers in industry, commerce, the public sector and education.
  • Satisfies the criteria for accreditation by the Institute of Physics.
  • Provides transferable skills such as clear and concise oral and written communication, the use of relevant information and communication technology and the methods of information retrieval.
  • Increases students' awareness of the industrial, environmental and social context of the subject.
  • In addition, the MPhys programme provides students with a physics education with breadth across the physics disciplines, combined with specialist learning in some areas, that lays the foundation for research in physics and related sciences.