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Facilities and Support

The most important study facility any university can offer is a lively scholarly community. At Durham you will be part of a thriving, international and interdisciplinary group of staff and students. Whatever your field, you will never be short of someone to argue with.


Facilities for postgraduate students

We currently have a small number of study carrel spaces available to offer to our research students and there are also some study spaces available which are located in the Arts and Humanities Postgraduate Hub, a short walk from the Department’s main buildings.


Library facilities

Library facilities for Theology and Religion in Durham are extensive, and the holdings at the Bill Bryson Library are only the beginning. Our next-door neighbour, Durham Cathedral, houses another theological library: The Sharp Library, which focuses on modern and pastoral theology. Additionally, the Meissen Library, located on level 3 of the Bill Bryson Library, is the largest collection of German-language theological materials in Britain. Some of the College libraries (notably St. Chad's College and St. John's College) hold extensive theological collections and the Department has some library resources of its own, in particular in Hebrew and Jewish studies. 

The historic library at Palace Green holds the University's Special Collections, including extensive collections of rare books and manuscripts of particular interest to students of Theology and Religion.