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Undergraduate Courses

We offer three undergraduate programmes of study (BA in Theology and Religion, BA in Religion, Society and Culture, BA in Philosophy and Theology) and one programme for students who already hold a BA (Honours) degree or equivalent in another discipline, but wish to acquire a knowledge of Theology and Religion (Graduate Diploma Theology and Religion).

BA in Theology and Religion

What do people believe about the world and their place in it? How do those beliefs shape society and culture? Can those beliefs be critically examined, scrutinised and tested? At the Department of Theology and Religion, the answer to the final question is 'Yes'. We teach students how to use the tools of philosophy, social science, history, literature and language to understand human beliefs and worldviews, past and present. We do this both from within, seeking to test our own beliefs for clarity and coherence, and from without, as critical observers. We have a historic strength in the study of Christian thought, history, practice, and texts, while offering strong provision in other areas such as politics, ethics, non-Christian faith traditions, humanism and atheism (which are also belief systems).

The flexible structure of this three-year degree programme allows you to pursue either a broadly based diverse programme of study or to specialise in an area of your choice.

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BA in Religion, Society and Culture

This degree will equip you with the skills to understand religion and its power to shape the human condition. You will engage with the role of religion in a wide range of contexts: including politics, literature, bioethics, and war. Theoretical perspectives are brought to bear on a variety of specialist topics, from fundamentalism in the USA to sacred landscapes in northern India; the role of Islam in modern Britain; Pentecostalism in sub-Saharan Africa, to death rites across the globe. Urgent current ethical question are studied, and you will be encouraged to arrive at well-informed and reflective positions on topics such as the environmental crisis, end-of-life issues, poverty, and warfare. The degree enables you to understand better the world we live in, and to explore the forces that shape your own attitudes, hopes and fears. In turn, it will empower you to go out into the world to make a difference for the good.

This is a single honours degree, achieved over three years, that develops understanding of the centrality of religion to the functioning of societies past, present and future.


BA in Philosophy and Theology

This is a Joint Honours degree in Philosophy and Theology. A fundamental philosophical question is ‘how should I live?’. This question is also central to religious belief. There is, therefore, a natural affinity between Philosophy and Theology. By combining these disciplines, you will gain a deep understanding of historical and contemporary philosophical theology, and become familiar with diverse philosophical traditions, including continental post-Kantian philosophy and analytical approaches.

Students take a selection of modules run by the Philosophy and Theology and Religion departments. Those with particular interests in philosophy of religion and ethics might consider applying for a single honours degree in Theology and Religion, whilst those interested in a wider range of areas in philosophy should consider a Joint Honours degree.

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Graduate Diploma Theology and Religion

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