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Standard Short Courses

It is estimated that, with better language skills, UK business could increase GDP through growth in exports by 3.5%, or £48 billion. The northeast of England is one region that is successfully growing exports and attracting inward investment. However, to sustain this growth, businesses need to break into the large, newly strategic and emerging markets including Brazil, China, Mexico and Turkey, as well as maintain demand in places such as the UAE, Germany and Russia. UK companies also need to remain competitive in a global market where 80% of business is conducted between countries where English is not the first language. With this in mind, Durham University has developed a programme to support the promotion of business and inward investment in strategic markets. Courses are focussed both towards SMEs to facilitate market entry and market development in export terms, and to larger corporate, public sector and voluntary sector organisations. In short, they are available to anyone who needs to learn a language for their work.

We offer short, semi-intensive courses in a variety of languages and at a variety of levels. The delivery mode is to offer "bite-sized" learning that is at once short enough to be accessible when combined with work commitments, but long enough to be meaningful as a learning experience. You can learn something on your own. But to get the most out of your learning some face-to-face contact and group interaction is always an advantage. Don't put it off any longer. Come and learn today.

Courses typically last 6 weeks, with two 2-hour sessions per week. Courses are delivered online and offer maximum flexibility in terms of your geographic location and availability.

Learners will register as individuals, either paying themselves or paid for by their company, with each course delivered to typically 6-10 learners.

Courses are delivered subject to demand and are generally available up to 3 times per year. Look out for the next courses in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish starting April 2021.