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Norwegian Language Courses

Why learn Norwegian?

Norwegian serves as the official language for Norway's 5.4 million inhabitants and shares close linguistic ties with Swedish and Danish. The Norwegian language encompasses two official variations: Bokmål and Nynorsk. At Durham, we primarily focus on Norwegian Bokmål, spoken by approximately 80% of the population. Various dialects exist throughout Norway, with the Eastern Norwegian dialect closely aligning with Bokmål—a linguistic affinity mirrored by our instructor.

While Norwegians generally excel in English proficiency, they greatly appreciate visitors who endeavour to communicate in their native tongue. Such efforts are not easily forgotten, resonating deeply with Norwegians who hold a strong sense of patriotism.

Why learn Norwegian with us?

At Durham, we provide an evening extra-curricular Norwegian course open to Durham University students, staff, and the public. Our Norwegian courses cater to all proficiency levels, from beginners to advanced, aiming to enhance both linguistic skills and cultural comprehension of Norway. During our Norwegian sessions, we focus on practical and relevant everyday phrases while integrating insights into Norwegian culture, habits, food, and history. Emphasizing student participation and enjoyment, we create an engaging learning environment.

Please note, we offer Norwegian courses starting in October and April each year.  To explore the current course levels, please refer to our course listings. Feel free to register your interest in our Norwegian courses if we do not currently have a class/ level on offer. 

A hut in Norway overlooking a fjord