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Osaka University SDGs Virtual Student Exchange 2024 - Video Competition

3 Minutes of Inspiration for Sustainable Development” Student Video Contest
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How can we contribute to solving social issues and help achieve SDGs? Launched by Osaka University in 2021, this video contest may become your first step in taking an action and making a difference in your locality, community, society, and the world by sharing your ideas from wherever you are. 

Osaka University have invited students from partner universities, including Durham, join in and actively participate in this contest. They say:

  • Share your ideas about how you can make a difference in your locality, community, society, and the world from the perspectives of the SDGs—in a 3-minute-video!
  • Let’s act proactively to achieve the SDGs—together, we can construct a better future!

Video Requirements 

Length: Up to 3 minutes

Language: You can submit in English, Japanese, or your native languages.
(For languages other than Japanese or English, please make sure to add English subtitles.)

File size: Up to 400MB

Quality: High-quality video is encouraged (The video quality can range from 4K to lower, including videos made on smartphones).

Format: .mp4, .mov


  • Grand Prize: Osaka University President’s Prize: 100,000 JPY
  • Best SDGs Idea Prize
  • Best Production Prize
  • Encouragement Award
  • Nomination Prize


  • Pre-entry deadline: September 29, 2024 (Sunday)
  • Deadline for video submission: October 27, 2024 (Sunday) (23:59 in Japan Standard Time)

More Information

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Osaka University

Tracing its heritage back to 1724, to the Kaitokudō an Edo-period school, Osaka University is one of Durham's ten Japanese exchange partners.

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