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Osaka University

Osaka University can trace its heritage back to 1724, to the Kaitokudō an Edo-period school.
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Number of places available: 3 full year places (priority given to MLAC Students)


Term Dates

  • October to March and April to June

Application information availability Emailed to the registered exchange coordinator/study-abroad office of our partner 8 months before enrolment. Application guides and information are not put on university web page.

  • September intake (Fall & Winter): End-December
  • April intake (Spring & Summer): End-August Nomination deadline

Nomination deadline

  • September intake (Fall & Winter): Last day of February
  • April intake (Spring & Summer): Last day of September

Application deadline

  • September intake (Fall & Winter): End-March
  • April intake (Spring & Summer): Last day of October


Osaka University Factsheet 2024-25

Programme Information

Degree-seeking student on continuous full-time status at home university, successful credit accumulation of at least one academic year in the degree program of home university (by the time of application), good academic standings (equivalent to GPA 3.0+/4.0, upper second class in undergraduate honours grading system, B+ in ECTS grading).

Academic Information


Study Load
OUSSEP Programme Maple Programme 
28 credits/ year 30 credits/ year


Available modules/schools below:

  • Undergraduate School
  • School of Letters
  • School of Human Sciences
  • School of Foreign Studies
  • School of Law
  • School of Economics
  • School of Science
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Engineering Science

Language Requirements

It is recommended that non-MLAC students have a basic level of Japanese. English language classes are available, however students who do not have English as a first language are asked to provide evidence of proficiency.

*Students applying to the Maple Program (Japanese) must have a JLPT N4 certificate.

Required Documentation

  • Web application form
  • Reason for application
  • Future goals
  • School/graduate school of one’s choice (OUSSEP, iExPO only)
  • Courses of study of one’s choice (iExPO special auditors/OUSSEP only)
  • Research plan (iExPO special research students/FrontierLab only)
  • Independent research application (for students who wish to perform independent research in OUSSEP)
  • Most recent academic transcript
  • One (1) letter of recommendation from a faculty member of your university
  • Foreign language test score report
  • Copy of your passport


Osaka: Student Support

Osaka University offer a range of Support Services for incoming students including housing, visa, orientation and living in Japan.

Find out more about Osaka student support


Individuals who are incoming from a partner institution are guaranteed on-campus housing, however off-campus options are also available for those who wish to take them. Accomodation does not contain dining facilities. The cost is approximately 30,000~40,000 yen/month (£200-270) from on-site accommodation or around 35,000 - 65,000 yen/month (£240-442).

Additional Information

More information is proivided in the Osaka Application Guide as well as on the Osaka webpage for International Exchanges.


Japanese food

Discover more

Japanese cuisine, "washoku," been recognized as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Along with its climate, culture and people, Osaka and the Kansai region is known for its food scene.

'Why OU' - Discover more about Osaka University
Sustainable Development Goals wheel on a white background

3 Minutes of Inspiration for Sustainable Development Osaka University “Student Video Contest”

Osaka are running a video competition on how can we contribute to solving social issues and help achieve SDGs? This video contest may become your first step in taking an action and making a difference in your locality, community, society, and the world by sharing your ideas from wherever you are.

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