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City University of Hong Kong (CityU)

A modern university in Hong Kong with state-of-the-art facilities for learning, recreation and wellbeing.
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CityU Campus

Number of places available: 2 full year places (all subjects), 2 full year places (DUBS), 1 full year place Law.


Term dates:

  • Semester A: September - December
  • Semester B: January - May
  • Summer term: June - August

Application dates:

  • Semester A and full year: 8 April - 15 May
  • Semester B: 1 September - 15 October
  • Summer term: 15 January - 15 February

Academic information

Study Load

36 credit units per academic year. For more information, please see CityU Student Exchange Fact Sheet and Information on courses and modules.

Language Requirements:

There are no special language courses for exchange students prior to the exchange programme.


On-campus accommodation is not available. Exchange students will have the option of staying in commercially operated accommodation recommended by CityU, or renting their own flat. CityU provide support and information on their website


CityU Student Support

CityU have a wide-ranging student support service including welfare, health and care.

Find out more about CityU Counselling Support

Cost of living and finance

Guide to Cost of Living and Finance by CityU.

Estimated expenses cost per month:

  • Rental for off-campus accommodation: HKD$5,625-6,875
  • Living costs (meals, transport, laundry, and education expenses for books, stationery, etc.): HKD$4,500

Health and Insurance

There is a health centre on campus that provides primary medical care to staff and students. As an exchange student, you are eligible to use the Centre's services at a charge. However, as medical expenses can be quite high in Hong Kong, exchange students are required by CityU's policies to have medical and travel insurance coverage during their stay at the University.

CityU Health and Insurance information

Promotion and information

Music video of CityU's Inbound Exchange Programme

Summer Opportunities

There are currently no Summer School opportunities at CityU, here is a list of other Summer School opportunities (internal link). 



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