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Hitotsubashi University

Located in West Toyko, Hitotsubashi University was founded in 1875. Consistently ranking amongst the top universities in Japanese university rankings, Hitotsubashi specialises in the social sciences.
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HitotsubashiU Kanematsu

Number of places available: 2 full year places (priority to MLAC students)


Term Dates. Hitotsubashi has four terms: 

  • September to November, November to January, April, June to July

Application deadlines (once allocated a place by DU):

  • Fall Semester: 31 March
  • Spring Semester: 30 September

Academic Information

Course and Program Information: 

Online Syllabus Service: Web syllabus (Catalogue of all courses offered at Hitotsubashi) 

HGP (Hitotsubashi University Global Program)

JLE (Japanese Language Education Program) 

Study Load

In every term, exchange students shall register for courses with a total of at least six 105 minute slots of class time per week. Typically, two-credit courses meet once a week for a 105 minute lecture over a 14 week long for semester courses or meet twice a week for a 105 minute lecture over a 7 week long for quarter courses. 

Workload hours: In accordance with the Standards for Establishment of Universities, all Japanese universities have the same benchmark for the workload hours. Calculations of workload hours for credit course is; 1 credit = 45 hours of workload; 2 credits = 90 hours of workload.

To apply, Exchange Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.7 or above on a 4.0 scale.

Language Requirements

Courses/Seminar Conducted in Japanese: Both graduate and undergraduate courses in Japanese are available. Students must possess minimum language proficiency in Japanese (JLPT Level 2 or N2).

Courses Conducted in English: Both graduate and undergraduate courses in English are available; however, most courses conducted in English are undergraduate-level courses, and only a limited number of graduate-level courses are available in English.


Hitotsubashi University has two residence halls for exchange students; Residence Hall Kunitachi on Kunitachi campus and Residence Hall Ikkyo-Ryo on Kodaira campus. Exchange students are given priority to reside in a single room of either one of the residence halls with a common area to be shared with residents on the same floor. However, not all exchange students are guaranteed a room due to limited availability. Personal preference of which residence hall to be assigned is not considered. 

Student Support

HU have a Student Support Centre including:


The following scholarships might be available for exchange students. The application details are not yet determined, and will be informed via email once confirmed.

  •  Japanese Government Scholarship (Monbukagakusho: MEXT): In order to apply for the MEXT Japanese Studies Students Scholarship, applicants must fulfil all of the following eligibility requirements: 1) starts his/her enrolment at HU in September, 2) to be a one academic year exchange student, and 3) holds a high proficiency of Japanese language. (Please
    note that a selected scholar must pass JLPT Level 2 or N2 before entering to HU.)
  • Japan Student Services Organization Scholarship (JASSO)

Summer Opportunities

There are currently no Summer School opportunities at Hitotsubaishi, here is a list of other Summer School opportunities (internal link). 


Discover more

Did you know that Hitotsubashi University is only a few stops away from the Ghibli Museum? Best known for its animated feature films like My Neighbour Totoro, Studio Ghibli's films are among the highest-grossing anime feature films made in Japan, including Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke.

Discover more about Studio Ghibli Discover more about Hitotsubashi University

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