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International Christian University (ICU)

Located in Western Tokyo, ICU was established in 1949 as the first liberal arts college in Japan. The main campus is situated in 150 wooded acres, including the Taizanso Garden, which includes a traditional Japanese tea house.
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International Christian University KaedeMomiDorm

Number of places available: 5 full year places (priority for MLaC students)


The academic year at ICU consists of the spring, autumn and winter terms, each lasting approximately 11 weeks. Each course concludes in one term. Students on the program design their own curriculum by taking courses that satisfy their needs and interests.

  • Autumn term: Early September to end of November
  • Winter term: Early December to early March
  • Spring term: Early April to end of June

Term dates can be accessed via the Academic Calendar online.

The dates below may vary slightly each year, depending on weekends etc.

  • Nomination deadline (by DU once places have been allocated): 26 February
  • Application deadline: 15 March
  • Notification of Result: Mid-May
  • On-campus Accommodation Application: Once accepted, by early June.

Programme Information

Course offerings and class schedules for the following academic year (April to March) become available in February every year. You can check the current course offerings and syllabi here.

Please refer to the document How to Search Courses, that explains more specifically how to search courses.

Japanese Language Programs (JLP) - Information for JLP curriculum offered to students from our partner institutions. Please note that the placement test for JLP is only given at the beginning of Autumn and Spring Terms.

Further details of the academic programmes can be found here.

Study Load

The normal academic load is 13 credits/units per term. However, with the approval of your academic advisor, you may take courses within the limit of a maximum of 18 credits/units. For more information, please visit Academics | International Office (


Student Support

Student support such as Counselling, Human Rights Consultation, Health Services, and Special Needs Support Service are available for exchange/invitee students at ICU.

Find out more about ICU's Student Support


Information about on and off campus accommodation 

Other information

Summer School

There are Summer School opportunities at ICU.



International Christian University Hall

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Did you know the Tokyo 2020 Olympic athletics stadium is only a 3km walk away from the ICU campus?

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