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Waseda University

Founded in 1882 as the Tōkyō Senmon Gakkō, Waseda University is located close to the vibrant Shinjuku City ward of Tokyo.
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Number of places: 3 full year places (priority for MLAC students)


Term Dates:

  • September to early February and late March to early August

Application deadline

  • Fall intake (Fall & Winter): 1 February - 1 March
  • Spring intake (Spring & Summer): 1 - 20 November

Academic Information

Students must meet all the application requirements of the School/Graduate School/Centre they wish to apply to. 

Course Lists and Entry Requirements: Application – Center for International Education,Waseda University

Study Load

Japanese Language Program (JLP): 26 credits per academic year.

Undergraduate (English Based Program): 20-24 credits per academic year, depends on the department.

For more information, please visit Application – Center for International Education,Waseda University.


It is recommended that exchange students take 7 courses per semester (14 credits). Courses should be offered by the same School; it is unlikely that exchange students will be able to take courses from multiple departments.

Undergraduate students may not take postgraduate level modules.

The Science and Engineering Schools (undergraduate) are divided into Majors, and students can only take courses from the Major they apply to. Please be aware that the choices of English courses available to undergraduate exchange students are quite limited, and undergraduate exchange students cannot take any courses related to lab work/experiments. 

The School of Advanced Science and Engineering (English based programme) Bioscience major will stop accepting new students from Spring 2024.

Language Requirements

Modules are offered in English through the following departments:

  • School of Political Science and Economics
  • School of Commerce
  • School of Social Sciences
  • School of International Liberal Studies
  • School of Fundamental Science and Engineering
  • School of Creative Science and Engineering
  • School of Advanced Science and Engineering

Information on all available modules can be found via the 'Syllabus Search' tool.

* Before applying please check that the department you wish to apply to provides sufficient English taught modules.

Supporting Documents Required

  • Copy of Passport (Identification Page)
  • Academic Study Plan
  • Study Abroad Agreement
  • Official Certificate of Enrolment issued by the home university
  • Official Academic Transcript
  • Application for Certificate of Eligibility
  • Documents concerning defraying for CoE
  • ID Photographs
  • Nomination Letter
  • Letter of Recommendation


Waseda: Student Support

Waseda offer a wide range of student support from mental health and disability support to visa, living costs and insurance information.

Find out more about Waseda student support


Exchange students can apply for university-based accommodation once they have been accepted. If university-based accommodation is not available, Waseda will provide information on private housing and homestay options.

Other Information

Average living expenses are approximately 120,000 JPY per month (including food, transport, accommodation and miscellaneous costs).

Exchange students must first apply for a 'Certificate of Eligibility' in order to obtain a study visa to enter Japan.

International students staying in Japan are required to enrol in the National Health Insurance Scheme (Approximately 1,200 JPY per month).

Summer Schools

There are Summer School opportunities at Waseda University.


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