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29 February 2024 - 29 February 2024

1:00PM - 6:30PM

Durham Business School Millhill Lane, Durham DH1 3LB

  • Free

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Join us at the Festival of Fulbright, organised by the UK Fulbright Alumni Council, with support from the US Embassy and US-UK Fulbright Commission. This event is an opportunity to meet and mingle, and for all those invested in the future of access, in-reach and cultural exchange to confront challenges and to begin identifying solutions.

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Durham Cathedral viewed from across the river

Hosted by Durham University, the event will bring together a wide range of stakeholders, including undergraduate and postgraduate students, school teachers, employers, academic staff and university leaders, to share knowledge and experiences focused on enhancing international educational exchange.

The programme includes a series of panel discussions featuring expert speakers (see below for more details), and a post-event drinks reception providing further opportunities for networking and continuing discussions.

North America and the North East

Chair: Prof. Kieran Fernandes (Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor - Development & Engagement, Durham University) 

Speakers include:

  • Mr. Ben Shaw, Head of Operations & Capture, Lockheed Martin Space UK
  • Dr Deb Upadhyaya, Client Director North of England, AtkinsRéalis
  • Mr. Jaewon Peter Chun, President, World Smart Cities Forum
  • Mr. Matthew Taylor, Director & Head of Campus at Darlington Economic Campus, HM Treasury

This panel will explore the connections between the North East of England and North America. By bringing into conversation representatives from industry, politics, civil service and education, panellists will discuss the successful partnerships already in place, and will suggest what barriers need to be overcome to facilitate better connections for citizens, scholars and businesspeople. What might the North East gain? 

Outreach and In-reach – US-UK knowledge exchange

Chair: Mr. Jonathan Batty (Deputy Academic Registrar - Access, Admissions & Recruitment, Durham University) 

Speakers include:

  • Dr Emily Charnock, CEO, Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission
  • Dr. Lauren Bellaera, Director of Research & Impact, The Brilliant Club
  • Ms. Sophie Pender, Founder and CEO, The 93% Club
  • Dr. Tim Eatman, Dean of the Honors Living-Learning Community, Rutgers University (Online)
  • Prof. Vikki Boliver, Department of Sociology, Durham University
  • Prof. Wendy Powers, Head of University College, Durham University

At a time when universities are thinking hard about how to ensure their student bodies are representative of wider society, this panel will provide a forum for US and UK-based colleagues to discuss current challenges and triumphs of ‘outreach’ and ‘in-reach’. What works in widening participation, enrolling students from underrepresented backgrounds and supporting disadvantaged students to thrive once on course? How might stakeholders outside universities contribute to ensure parity of access and success for all?

Championing educational and cultural exchange

Chair: Prof. Arlene Holmes-Henderson MBE (Professor of Classics Education and Public Policy, Durham University)

Speakers include:

  • Ms. Elinor Haf Churchill, Fulbright Champion & Alumni / Employability Adviser, Bangor University
  • Ms. Lisa Sadler, Director of Awards, US-UK Fulbright Commission
  • Ms. Pam DeVolder, Cultural Attaché, US Embassy London
  • Mr. Peter Juckes, Head of Europe and the Americas, International Partnerships, Department for Education
  • Dr. Samantha Friedman, Fulbright Champion / Lecturer, Northumbria University

How might we ensure better representation for students, academics and teachers across the North East? What are some of the priority topics for teachers and learners in the North East of England when planning future outgoing academic professional visits and receiving incoming US visitors? In an age of increased automation and escalating geopolitical unrest, what should our hopes be for US-UK educational and cultural exchange programmes?