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Ustinov College Blue Plaque unveiling

Want to know more about how we interact with our local community?

Local focus, global perspective 

Our monthly Community Newsletter explores the news, events, and research both at Durham University and in the city itself. 

This month, we have some family-friendly events such as the Annual Easter Chick Hunt, World Heritage Day, and the Eid Al-Fitr celebration, amongst others. 

We've also included news that celebrates our local community, like the MammalWeb project that schoolchildren in the North East are involved in at their local schools. 

The newsletter also contains a new Spotlight section that highlights the work our staff does that involves and benefits the local community. This month's Spotlight features Ustinov College Principal Professor Glenn McGregor and Ustinov's community values. Want to know what kind of events you can attend at Ustinov? Check out the newsletter for more. 

The research conducted at Durham University is world-leading, and we've included a few stories the local community might find interesting. Learn about safer infant sleep, prehistoric fossils, and more. 

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