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Researchers discover a new form of Oxygen

A leading statistician from our department of Mathematical Sciences has collaborated with researchers from Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan to achieve a major discovery in nuclear physics.

Grammar school system does not boost grades and could be detrimental to some

New research involving our Evidence Centre for Education has found no obvious difference in GCSE grades between regions in England who use a selective grammar-school system and those that don’t and suggests that the chances of scoring the top GCSE grades are lower in grammar-school areas.
Image showing students and teacher in classroom setting

Meet Dr Laura Morgenstern from our Department of Computer Science

We had a catch up with Dr Laura Morgenstern who recently joined our department of Computer Science.
Laura M

Royal Society recognises academic’s commitment to women in STEM subjects

We’re celebrating the news that Professor Karen Johnson from our Department of Engineering has been awarded the Royal Society’s Rosalind Franklin Award. The award recognises Karen’s achievements in environmental engineering and her commitment to engaging women in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).
Image showing Professor Karen Johnson

Study reveals ethnic disproportion between teachers and pupils in England

Our Evidence Centre for Education (DECE) has analysed the ethnic disproportion between students and teachers in English schools.
A child with their hand raised in a classroom with a teacher in the background in front of a blackboard

Pioneering technological research in our Computer Science Department

Our Computer Science Department is one of the top ranked in the UK and we are at the forefront of next generation innovation. Our research projects are having a world-changing impact.
computer science car

Durham involved in new X-ray satellite mission to explore space

We’re involved in a major international satellite launch mission which aims to observe some of the most energetic objects and events in the cosmos, further advancing the science of space exploration.
An Artist impression of XRISM. Credit: JAXA

Durham Book Festival 2023 progamme announced

The Programme for this year's annual Durham Book Festival has been announced. The festival offers 35 events with more than 40 authors, over a bustling long weekend, from Friday 13 - Sunday 15 October.
Durham Book Festival 2023 logo

‘One Day Changes’ digital art exhibition launches

A digital exhibition of photographic art depicting life in refugee camps and the impact of war has launched after the University purchased the collection.
Photojournalists Shaho Omar and Ako Ismail

Ukraine Independence Day: we stand with Ukraine

On Ukraine Independence Day, our Vice-Chancellor Professor Karen O'Brien explores how we are standing with colleagues and friends in Ukraine.
Professor Karen O'Brien, Vice-Chancellor and Warden of Durham University, stood smiling with arms folded, in front of bookshelves

Collaboration with Atom Bank to advance mathematical research

We have a strong track record of partnerships on key research initiatives to explore and drive innovation, including two Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP).
atom bank 17

Our Computer Science department is home to world-class research and innovation

Our Computer Science Department is among the top-10 in the UK, and we are proud to be at the forefront of technological advancement and pioneering innovation. We host world-class research in our department that solves real-world problems.
virtual physiotherapist
Three international students sat talking

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