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Picture of computer science alumni Yanki Boran

We caught up with Yanki Boran Ozdemir who recently graduated from our department of Computer Science.

By: Yanki Boran Ozdemir  Class of: 2023 College: Grey College  Subject: Computer Science


What was your experience like studying Computer Science at Durham?

Since the first moment I arrived in Durham, I knew that I made a great decision by choosing there. It was a true privilege to study in a place that has such great history, impeccable alumni and most importantly exceptional education.

Studying Computer Science at Durham helped me to understand the field of work that I will be getting into. All lecturers possessed profound expertise and were remarkably supportive throughout the years. Even though our education was not meant to be online, whole administrative staff and the lecturers did their best to provide us with a remote education system that helped us to go through the hard times at ease.  

What did you enjoy most about your course?

I really enjoyed the way that the curriculum developed. Each lecturer had their own way of making sure that we are integrated with the lectures in order to get the most out of it. Practicals, seminars, lab sessions all aimed at self-assessing our understanding of the module content which was helping us to adapt this growth-mindset with that we were able to learn much more.

On the examination/coursework side of the things, each piece of coursework was put together carefully to make sure you are doing self-study outside the lecture times. This was another motive for me to get even closer to my subject. 

What are your fondest memories from your time at Durham?

Durham is just a spectacular place to be in as a student in a sense where if you decide to get some fresh air, you have countless spots to go for a walk.

If you fancy having some drinks with friends, you can go to any of the student pubs within colleges.

I think one of the most remarkable things is that when you are walking in town, you see many friends stopping by and you suddenly find yourself having a chat with them.  

What have you been up to since you left Durham?

After leaving Durham, I have spent no time getting a job and started working as Cyber Security Analyst at KPMG. Skills I have mastered in the times of Durham allowed me to be more proactive during my career. Therefore I’m currently working as Cyber Security Product Manager at Mercedes-Benz.

Besides the career facts, I’m still in touch and meeting up with my Durham mates, even with the ones that are overseas.  

What are your plans for the future?

I have countless plans that are still waiting to be constructed in an explainable way but I can point out the one that is certain. I would like to keep this continuous-learning ability that is given to me in order to achieve a state of knowledge. After achieving exceptional expertise in my field of choice, Cyber Security, I would like to establish my own business to provide Cyber Security Solutions across the globe.

What would be your top advice for current students and/or prospective students?

Oh well, I’m going to be honest with this one. Spend as much quality time as possible when you are studying in Durham, it sounds cliche but those times won’t be back. Your lecturers and administrative staff are always there for any kind of help you need. Once you have made sure that your grades are all good, socialise with people, make new connections to improve your quality of life in and outside Durham. Finally, a word of advice, attend as many career events, conferences, workshops as possible to have a plan of what you would like to accomplish when you graduate from Durham. Having a well-structured plan in place contributes to a heightened sense of tranquillity and ease of mind.