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Global network

Three members of IMH have received grants from the Global Engagement Grants, a Durham University scheme which supports global engagement and partnership development.

As a result of their successful applications to the scheme, Dr Marco Bernini, Dr Arya Thampuran and Mary Robson will be travelling to the States, Canada and India respectively to establish new relationships and develop shared research interests with medical humanities scholars across the globe.

Read more about their plans below:

  • Dr Marco Bernini will be going to the States to meet with scholars at UCSB to discuss future options for collaborative works and networks. As part of his ongoing work on mind wandering, fantasy and layers of reality in the Self, Marco will also be visiting the archives at UCLA in order to access manuscripts and unpublished works by novelist John Fante.
  • Dr Arya Thampuran - alongside co-applicant Dr Nadena Doharty (Sociology, Durham University) - will be travelling to McMaster University in Canada to engage with colleagues working at the intersection of race, disability, and mental health literacy in higher education spaces. This knowledge sharing will facilitate the development of Arya and Nadena’s current project, which seeks to understand and address issues encountered by students from marginalised minority communities accessing mental health and wellbeing services at UK universities.
  • Mary Robson will be heading to India with Professor Andrew Russell (Anthropology, Durham University). She will be joining Pradeep Narayanan (Praxis India) in Delhi to facilitate creative facilitation workshops and then travelling to Lucknow, Varanasi, Chennai, Vellore and Bangalore to meet with scholars and clinicians to better understand what Medical/Health Humanities means in India and what collaborations the future might hold.