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Research Strands

Our research into hidden experiences of health and illness until March 2024 spanned six interdisciplinary research themes. We are currently revising our research themes and will update this page shortly.

Embodied Symptoms

This research theme explores the process by which symptoms come into being from embodied awareness.
Uncertain shadow

Thinking, Feeling and Imagining

This research strand explores how insights from the arts and humanities might be used to enrich and complicate our concepts of ‘normal’ and ‘pathological'.
El sueno de la razon

Fringe Cognition

Drawing on the intersections of cognitive literary studies, psychology and medical humanities this strand explores liminal, ephemeral experience.
Steinar Engeland

Everyday Environments

This research strand explores situated experiences of health, considering how we understand experiences that are entangled with our 'everyday environments'.
Anna Dziubinska unsplash

The Science of Human Experience

Research in this strand aims to improve methods for studying human experience and use them to advance models of mind and brain.
Brain scan

Critical Concepts

This cross-cutting strand reflects on the processes and methods used to generate knowledge in the critical medical humanities.
Hexagonal card shapes laid in oath on ground