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Mohammed Alsubaie

Research Student

Research Student in the Department of Archaeology


I am a Saudi Arabian student interested in the archaeology and history of the Middle East with a special interest in the Arabian Peninsula. I have been exploring the local culture and the history of people and religion in central Arabia since my early years. In 2012 I started my academic journey at King Saud University doing courses in archaeology including Islamic archaeology, history and pre-history, leading to my graduation in 2016 with a BA in archaeology. Then I had the chance to develop my skills in archaeological excavations as a member of King Saud University’s team who excavated two different sites (pre-Islamic and Islamic) in 2017 and 2018. In 2020 I proceeded to continue with my journey by familiarising myself with the English perspective of archaeology and the classical Mediterranean whilst writing a dissertation about the archaeology of Islamic pilgrimage (Hajj) at the University of Sheffield. In late 2021 I graduated from Sheffield University with a MA degree in archaeology. Now I have a passion to study about central Arabia in the late pre-Islamic and early Islamic period through its archaeology in this great and specialist university. 


Current study

The study concerns central Arabia, in the middle of Saudi Arabia, during the late pre-Islamic and early Islamic period. The main focus is to develop an understanding of the nature of settlement development in the period of study within the archaeology of the region, taking into account local development, pilgrimage routes and trade activities in a local and regional sense. Using archaeological surveys, excavations and studies along with original fieldwork, the intention is to answer questions about the area in the period of study and contribute to Arabian and Islamic archaeology. 


Research interests

  • Archaeology of Arabian peninsula
  • Landscape Archaeology