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Durham Grant Scheme

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This information is for students who will start their studies at Durham University in 2023/24.

Information for students who are currently studying at Durham University is here.

In response to the cost-of-living crisis, the University has invested significantly in the Durham Grant Scheme.

We plan to increase the Durham Grant Scheme by up to 13.6% in academic year 2023/24, providing support to students from low-income households. This increase in the Durham Grant Scheme is above the current rate of inflation.

From next academic year, home undergraduates who do not already have an undergraduate degree and who have a household income of less than £30,000 as assessed by Student Finance England (or equivalent) will receive a Durham Grant of £2,500.

Similar students, who have a household income of between £30,001 and £47,200, will receive a Durham Grant of between £2,495 and £780. Further details will be added to this page soon. 

We guarantee the grant will remain at this level for academic year 2024/25 also.

This increase follows the 10% increase to the Scheme for this current year

You get your Durham Grant as well as your government funding and you don't have to pay it back.


The Durham Grant is paid in termly instalments into your bank account.


You do not have to apply for your Durham Grant. As long as you have applied to Student Finance England (or equivalent) for your government funding and been assessed, and as long as you have consented to Student Finance England (or equivalent) passing your household income information to the University you should automatically be awarded a Durham Grant.

We will start awarding 2023/24 Durham Grants in mid-August 2023.

We will award 2023/34 Durham Grants weekly until the end of the 2023/24 academic year.

You can get a Durham Grant in every year of your studies, provided that your household income remains below £47,200 (your household income is reassessed by Student Finance England or equivalent every year).  This includes years abroad and placement years.  

Terms and conditions

The information above is general and does not cover every aspect of the Durham Grant Scheme. Durham Grants will be awarded in accordance with the Terms and Conditions (available on request).


If you have any queries about the Durham Grant Scheme contact the Durham Grant Scheme administrators.