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Our staff

Find out more about key members of our curatorial, collections management, learning and engagement staff. 

Individual staff profiles

Craig Barclay

Head of Museums, Galleries and Exhibitions
Craig Barclay standing in front of images of archaeological excavation

Rachel Barclay

Senior Curator of the Oriental Museum

Alix Collingwood-Swinburn

Curator, Contemporary Art
side head and shoulders profile photograph of a female with hair tied back wearing sunglasses

Gemma Lewis

Curator of Archaeology and Bioscience
Photograph of Gemma Lewis

Ross Wilkinson

Learning and Engagement Manager, University Library and Collections
Image of Ross Wilkinson, Learning and Engagement Manager, Durham University Library and Collections

Helen Armstrong

Collections Database Manager
Helen Armstrong head and shoulders

Gillian Rennie

Curator (Castle and Colleges)
head and shoulders of Gillian Rennie

Qin Cao

Curator of Chinese Collections, Oriental Museum
Qin Cao sitting at a table looking at Chinese jade objects

Gillian Ramsay

Assistant Curator (Oriental Museum)
Head and shoulders of Gillian Ramsay

Kelly Martin

Assistant Curator (Partnerships), Oriental Museum
Lady wearing gloves working in a museum

Carolyn Waterworth

Collections Assistant at the Oriental Museum
Carolyn Waterworth installing objects in a museum display case

Charlotte Spink

Learning Coordinator
Charlotte - Learning Coordinator

David Wright

Assistant Curator (Exhibitions)
Photo of man in striped t shirt and sunglasses, surrounded by plants and trees