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Explore From Home

There are so many ways you can explore the amazing collections and venues from home as a family.

You can always come and visit to see these amazing objects and places for yourself. Our weekly family activities are also a fun and interactive way you can get more out of your visit. 

Fun for all the family!

Online Exhibitions

We have lots of online exhibitions to enjoy together as a family from the comfort of your own home. We hope you feel inspired to come and visit us!
Collage image of items included in the Journeys exhibition, including a giant from Gulliver’s Travels, a tourist with binoculars, Notre Dame Cathedral, a plane, a world map, three arctic explorers and an aeroplane.

Norman Cornish: The Sketchbooks Virtual Exhibition

Visit our Norman Cornish: The Sketchbooks Exhibition in this virtual experience on your laptop, smartphone or tablet.
Image of Norman Cornish Exhibition as a virtual space for people to explore

Exchequer Building: Virtual Experience

Today, the Bishop of Durham's medieval Exchequer Building looks very different to how it would. Explore how this historic place looks today and in the past.
Virtual recreation of the Exchequer buildings

Cosin's Library: Online Resources

Explore the online resources created by artists and community groups as part of the Cosin's Library Project to bring this amazing space to life.
Two ladies stand smiling looking at the bound rare books of Bishop Cosin's Library

Cosin's Library: Step into the Virtual Library

Virtually visit Bishop Cosin's Library and learn about this incredible place and the history behind this unique library in the heart of the Durham World Heritage Site.
Virtual reality image of cosin's library

Cosin's Library: Going Back in Time

Go back to the 17th century and explore what the incredible Cosin's Library may have looked when it was first opened for use as a library.
3D digital image of Cosin's library as it would have looked in the 17th century

Downloadable Family Activities

Here are some simple craft activities to try at home. You don't need any special equipment or materials, just paper, pens, scissors and a glue stick. You can print the templates, or you can just make your own. 

These activities are generally suitable for children aged 5 - 11 years with the help of a grown-up. So, get your glue sticks ready and enjoy! 

Explore our activities:

Jericho: An Ancient City Revealed

Download these discover at-home activities for families linked to our exhibition “Jericho: An Ancient City Revealed”. With the help from Annie the Archaeologist, you can learn about Ancient Jericho and archaeology through fun and easy activities, suitable for all the family. 

Explore the Jericho: An Ancient City Revealed Online Exhibition.


Calling Young Poets!

What do philosophy and poetry have in common? How can poetry and philosophy help us to address climate change and think about the global emergency of COVID-19? Rooted in the work of Mary Midgley, our illustrated worksheets explore how philosophical thinking can help us to reflect on the pandemic, climate change, society and friendship. If you’re inspired, become a Midgley Young Poet and send us a poem to be added to the Midgley Archive in Durham University. 

Buddha's Birthday

Find out about Buddha's Birthday, the most important day in the Buddhist calendar and make a mandala. 

Dazzling Dragons

Make a Chinese paper chain dragon and find out why dragons are important in Chinese culture. 

Beautiful Blossom

Find out about Japanese cherry blossom and make a cherry blossom picture. 

Lovely Lanterns

Make a Chinese paper lantern. 

Celebrate Japanese Children's Day

Celebrate Japanese Children's Day and make a cool carp banner, or even a family of them. 

Celebrating Pride

Celebrate Durham Pride, find out why an ancient Chinese emperor cut the sleeve off his silk robe and decorate your own Chinese robe. 

Celebrating Eid Al-Fitr

Celebrate Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim festival marking the end of Ramadan and make a glittery moon and star decoration. 

Powerful Pyramids

Find out how the Pharaohs of Egypt were buried and make a pyramid.

Hooray for Hanuman

Find out about Hanuman, the Hindu monkey king and make a monkey puppet. 

Terrific Tangrams

The Chinese are famous for their tangram puzzles. Make your own and try it with your family. 

Beautiful Boats

See our spectacular dhow boat and then try making, and floating, your own. 

Mighty Maces

Maces were used in Ancient Egypt as signs of power. Make your very own stick of power. 

VE Day Celebrations

The Durham Light Infantry fought in many wars over the years, including the Second World War. Parties were held across Britain to celebrate the news, with bunting and flags brightening up street parties. Make your own to celebrate. 

Supporting Pride

Every June the LGBTQ+ community celebrates Pride in several different ways. Make your own rainbow decorations to show your support.