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We welcome all visitors to Durham Castle, a UNESCO world heritage site. We aim to make everyone's day successful and enjoyable and are committed to improving access and facilities for visitors with disabilities.

The Castle is an historic building with difficult stairs and passageways with access limited to upper floors. There are large numerous steps throughout the Castle with cobbles laid in some of the surfaces and pathways. There are low doorways throughout many with stepped up/down access.

The Castle is located on the Peninsula of Durham City. The following statement is a realistic assessment of the accessibility to our premises, for all our guests and visitors. It would be fair at this point to state that the Castle has very limited provision for visitors with mobility issues due to the age and original design of the building.

The pavements are a mix of flagstone and brick with standard kerbs. The route is relatively flat, with usual slip and trip hazards.

There is limited car parking on the Peninsula and no parking within the Castle courtyard. The front of the Castle and path are well illuminated during hours of darkness.

Due to the unusual layout of the various stone staircases, multiple stairs can be found both externally and internally.   The stone stairs have worn treads and uneven surfaces.  Timber staircases are narrow and are slightly awkward and care is needed!  There are no lifts in the Castle.

There is not an easily accessible public or staff WC. There are no additional handles or accessories for persons with mobility issues.

There is a large garden at the rear of the building. This is accessed via brick steps from the Courtyard. Unfortunately, there is no easy access for persons with restricted mobility.

Accessible parking and bus transport

Parking is available within a 5-10 minute walk of Durham Castle. To find out more about designated accessible parking options please visit the Durham County Council website.

The Cathedral Bus can be taken from the bus or rail station and the Market Place and stops a short distance from the entrance to Durham Castle.  

Accessibility Guide

An AccessAble Guide is available for Durham Castle, featuring information on: 

  • Arrival information 
  • Location 
  • Building layout