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Himalayas, South Asia and Southeast Asia

Occupying a whole floor of the Museum, this gallery features an amazing array of objects ranging in date from ancient Indus Valley ceramics made around 2,500 BCE, to a 1960s safety helmet decorated with Islamic motifs by its owner in Indonesia. 

We are grateful to members of local South Asian and Southeast Asian communities in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham and Middlesbrough for their assistance in the research, selection of objects, layout and writing of labels for the gallery.  

Don’t miss:  

  • Tibetan Buddhist ritual vessels and implements   
  • Ancient Gandharan sculpture featuring some of the earliest depictions of the Buddha 
  • Exquisitely carved jades from the court of the Mughal emperors
  • Weapons ranging from a Sikh khanda sword to a Southeast Asian parang and blow pipe 
  • The magnificent Burmese manuscript chest covered in gold decoration.

View down the length of the gallery with the Himalayan displays in front and Indian displays behind.