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Bluebell Room

Stage: For children over 3 years.

Staff to Child Ratio 1:8.

Children play and learn in a secure environment with effective adult support allowing your child to explore, investigate and enjoy their learning experience. The environment is organised into clearly defined areas to accommodate different activities.

Children have the opportunity to explore a variety of construction equipment. There is a large area for children to construct using different sized wooden bricks, planks and natural recourses.

Small world equipment provides the opportunity for children to engage in imaginative play.

Within the room is a cosy book area with a wide variety of books, soft cushions, puppets and story tapes.

The mark making area provides opportunities for children to select independently a variety of mark making materials. Fine motor skills are encouraged by the use of pen, pencil, crayons, scissors and stencils to encourage handling small objects with increased control.

Children have access to ICT equipment such as programmable toys, digital cameras, tape recorders and CD players. There is also access to a computer with an extensive collection of educational games and an interactive smart board. We ensure the children’s safety is taken into consideration while accessing the computers by having parental controls in place and by using child friendly search engines.

Within our Bluebells curriculum we aim to achieve school readiness for all of our children for them to become active and independent learners. We implement this by supporting the children in displaying positive behaviour, building good relationships and developing self-care. Our Staff are role models by providing effective Communication & Language and Mathematical skills by incorporating Letters and Sounds and problem solving activities in our daily routines. We develop the children's confidence by providing a safe, challenging and stimulating environment in readiness for their transition to school.

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Our Curriculum

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Buttercup Room

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Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Themes

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) has four themes each with underlying principles.
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Getting Outdoors

During their time with us, children benefit from a full range of outdoor learning experiences to enable them to reach their full potential.
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