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Buttercup Room

Stage: Babies and young children.

Staff to child ratio in this room is 1:3.

Within our Buttercup curriculum we will provide an enriching environment in which children have the confidence to flourish and grow. We will provide a loving, safe space full of opportunities each child needs to support their communication, physical, personal social and emotional development. We will ensure the environment is full of language rich and challenging experiences to promote every child's learning, in supporting them to become confident individuals 

This room is specially designed for our more mobile babies and young children who spend their days exploring and investigating their surroundings by accessing a wide range of equipment.

Our staff will provide a comfortable, safe and stimulating environment for your child throughout the day and by using observations, which are made during the day, allow each child to develop at their own pace. The children are able to access the quiet, comfortable area to rest or sleep.

Your child will be encouraged to extend their communication skills by talking, listening, hearing and joining in and responding to stories and songs.

The children are free to explore and engage in a range of experiences including role play, small world, music and dance, heuristic play and creative opportunities.

There is access throughout the day to the outside area with opportunities to engage with children from the Sunflower room.

Collage of young children playing


Our Curriculum

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In this section

Snowdrop Room

We give undivided attention and encouragement to your little one.
Infant laughing

Sunflower Room

Our staff support your child in their development and exploration of the world around them.
Child playing with wooden blocks

Bluebell Room

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Children playing with construction toys

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Themes

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) has four themes each with underlying principles.
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Getting Outdoors

During their time with us, children benefit from a full range of outdoor learning experiences to enable them to reach their full potential.
Child Playing