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What Could I Give?

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There are many areas of the University which would benefit from a gift in your will. That means there is plenty of opportunity to tailor your gift to support the area of the University's work which is most important to you.

Alternatively, an unrestricted gift is a flexible and very practical way to give, appreciated regardless of when it is received.

We are pleased to accept gifts of any value. When considering how to direct your legacy, some people find it helpful to consider the likely value of their gift and what could be achieved with it.

No restriction?

Since it is not possible to predict when a legacy gift will be received, making your legacy an unrestricted gift to the University as a whole is a very straight-forward and flexible way to make your contribution.

Decisions regarding the use of unrestricted philanthropic income are made at University Executive Committee level in pursuit of achieving the University’s strategic objectives, so the gift can be used to support the most appropriate area where it is of greatest value at the time it is received.

Directed to a specific area?

We understand, though, that our alumni and friends often have an affinity with particular elements of the University and you might wish to recognise that in your will. We are delighted to receive gifts which are tailored to appropriately reflect your interest(s), provided that the gift can be used at the time of receipt. For example, you might have a fondness for your college, a passion for your subject area or a desire to help others by contributing to scholarships.

The Legacies Officer works on behalf of all areas of the University and will be pleased to discuss any area of our work. If you contact her, she will gather any information you need and suggest areas of need which are relevant to your interests, but not so restrictive that they could be obsolete by the time the gift arrives.

The priorities for long-term support

There are areas for which we are actively seeking long-term support, though they are not limiting.

  • College-based undergraduate, Masters or PhD scholarships
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellowships
  • Endowed Professorial Chairs
  • College, research, teaching or sport facilities
  • Libraries (University Library or Palace Green Library)

Gifts to our Heritage Collections or Western Art Collection

If you are interested in donating art, a musical instrument, books or documents of specific note or value, or other objects, thank you for thinking of us as a suitable beneficiary. The Legacies Officer would welcome a conversation about it and might be able to introduce you to a relevant University expert, such as a colleague from Special Collections or the Music Department.

Already made your will or considering a legacy? Please contact us

We would always encourage you to share your wishes with us to ensure that you are appropriately thanked and that the University understands your gift. Please contact the University’s Legacies Officer, Louise McLaren on direct dial +44 (0) 191 334 6313, email or by post at Development and Alumni Relations Office, Palatine Centre, Stockton Road, Durham, DH1 3LE.