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Senior Common Room

The Senior Common Room at Hatfield College exists to promote:

  • The work of the College as a flourishing community of scholars; and
  • Links between the College, its three common rooms and the wider community.

To this end, the Senior Common Room seeks to support:

  • Research and scholarly activity;
  • The wellbeing of all three common rooms (JCR, MCR and SCR) of the College;
  • Visiting and honorary fellows at the College;
  • Links with a range of University institutions, departments and the wider community;
  • Social and recreational activities that help promote and strengthen the foregoing.

The following are examples of the endeavours of the SCR:

  • Participating in or promoting the research and scholarly activity of the College;
  • Providing a programme of lectures and seminars by members of the Senior Common Room and visiting fellows;
  • Mentoring support for the College's students;
  • Participation in joint events with the Junior and Middle Common Rooms;
  • Providing social and recreational activities of a cultural nature for members of the Senior Common Room.


  • All members of staff at the University are welcome to apply for membership of the Senior Common Room;
  • College Mentors are ex officio members of the Senior Common Room;
  • Members of the local community are particularly welcome to apply for membership.

We currently have over 200 members, taken not only from all areas of the University but also from the local community. Our membership includes some honorary members and past members of the University.