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Middle Common Room

At John Snow College, both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of John Snow College come together under the Junior Common Room, ensuring that all students are offered the same level of opportunities and support.

We know from experience that many PG students of John Snow College are keen to play sport at University, and engage with music and drama societies, around their studies.

By keeping our community as one student body helps us maintain an ethos of inclusivity and diversity, where PG students can mix freely with undergraduate students when playing for one of our sports teams or being a valued member of one of our many societies.

The JCR (Junior Common Room) have a formal position on their executive committee called the Post Graduate Representative (PG rep).

The PG rep works closely with the JCR President, Lydia Leach, to ensure that the expectations of our Post graduate students are met. The PG rep co-ordinates, along with the JCR President and the College staff, additional and bespoke events and activities for PG students.

Sometimes, particularly out of the normal term time, the PG communities of different Colleges get together and organise a joint event, which are particularly special. At John Snow, we offer PG students guided tours of local historic and cultural places in the North East of England.