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First Uni Bar in the UK to be SAVI Accredited 

Durham’s South College bar has become the first university bar in the country to achieve the 5* Licensing SAVI (Security and Vulnerability Initiative) accreditation. Safety is a top priority at Durham and the Licensing SAVI accreditation, gives an extra layer of reassurance, helping students to feel safe in college bars.  
College bar team

Principal's Blog: Epiphany 7th Edition

In the week in which we have marked International Women's Day and celebrated the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the world, it is particularly pleasing to be able to congratulate South College Ladies Football Club. In a hard-fought match against an impressive St Cuthbert's side, the Owlesses secured a place in the final of the Floodlit Cup. Their 4-2 victory was an outstanding achievement. Onwards to the final!
A group of cartoon women holding a sign that reads

Principal's Blog: Epiphany 6th Edition

As a young journalist, I covered wars and conflict in the middle east, Romania, Kosovo, Serbia, and Northern Ireland. As an academic I have spent much of my career thinking and writing about the world wars.
The cover of time magazine on top of the flag of Ukraine

Principal's Blog - Epiphany 5th Edition

As a Chelsea fan, it was not a great weekend. However, as Principal of South I have every reason to be very happy indeed about substantially more important football results. South College football teams have had outstandingly successful seasons. My huge congratulations to all Owls and Owlesses. You bring our college enormous credit. Thank you.
An image of Ukraine on a black background. The top half of Ukraine is blue and the bottom is yellow.

Principal's Blog: Epiphany 4th Edition

Among the intriguing but not adorable characters I have tried to understand while writing and researching my book is Henry 'Chips' Channon. Channon was born in the USA but moved to the UK where he became a Conservative MP in 1935. As interested in social life as he was in politics, he never wielded real power, but he was a dedicated supporter of Neville Chamberlain and his efforts to appease Hitler.
A picture of a tree blowing in the wind on a green hill

Principal's Blog: Epiphany 3rd Edition

As the sun went down on Sunday evening, Durham felt very cold. The temptation to stay in my warm house and continue reading an excellent novel ('Sally Rooney's, Beautiful World, Where Are You, since you ask) was powerful.
A picture of grass with early morning sunrise.

Principal's Blog: Epiphany 2nd Edition

It has not been a calm or conventional week in UK politics or international affairs. With Westminster in angry ferment and Russian forces massing on the Ukrainian border I find my attention drawn to reliable sources of news. I always read The Times and Financial Times, listen to BBC Radio 4's Today Programme and watch Channel 4 News. Now I find myself dipping into Le Monde and the New York Times as well and listening to The World Tonight. Old journalists never lose their habits.
A poster promoting our Holocaust Remembrance Day

Principal's Blog: Epiphany 1st Edition

A very happy new year to all Southies. It is good to see our College buzzing with activity again. So far, for January, the weather has been less than entirely appalling. Our small flock of ducks is certainly content.
2022 written in gold on a black background. The

Principal's Blog - Michaelmas 8th Edition

On Friday, I was delighted to welcome John Ryley, Head of Sky News, to our College Formal. John graduated from Durham in 1984, having studied Latin, English and Russian in Hild Bede College. He has been Head of Sky News since 2006. Fifteen years at the top of a major news broadcaster is an outstanding achievement and John is among the most highly regarded senior journalists in the UK.
A picture of a wooden owl with the South College Logo and the Sky News logo

Principal's Blog - Michaelmas 7th Edition

As testing and reduced rates of infection allow us to enjoy more of each other’s company, cultural, social, and sporting events are proliferating on campus. South marked Remembrance Day with a dignified event in The Plaza. I am most grateful to Charlotte Ward for playing Last Post and Reveille perfectly and with such sensitivity.
A picture of the bookshelves in Cosin's Library.

Principal's Blog - Michaelmas 6th Edition

First, many congratulations to Sean Hannigan on his election as President of South College JCR. I look forward to working with Sean. Having studied at Durham at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, he is perfectly equipped for the important role of representing South's UG and PG students. I know Sean will work hard to build on the excellent foundations established by Richard Freeman and, of course, Haf Serajee.
Balloons that spell out congratulations

Principal's Blog - Michaelmas 5th Edition

I rejoice that vaccines, diligent testing and sensible use of masks have made Michaelmas Term 2021 much more sociable than I feared it might be. It has been good to see The Nest busier than ever. Our Formals have been enormous fun too.
Scrabble tiles on a wooden stand that spell out the word vote.