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Principal's Blog - Michaelmas 4th Edition

It was very good to be joined at our formal on Friday night by many of South College's postgraduate students and by undergraduate Southies who live outside college.
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Principal's Blog - Michaelmas 3rd Edition

It was a great pleasure to be able to welcome South College's wonderful FREPs to a formal on Friday night. The FREPs did a brilliant job during Welcome Week. Sadly, the shortage of catering staff that has limited capacity in the university's central kitchens meant the formal to which they were originally invited had to be postponed. I am delighted local caterers have now stepped in to fill the gap.
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Principal's Blog - Michaelmas 2nd Edition

My first duty - and privilege – this week is to record my thanks to Charlotte Payne for her exceptional contribution to our college. Charlotte joined South as one of our very first Pioneer Scholars. She was involved in the preparations to launch South from the Spring of 2019 onwards. Charlotte’s contribution as a Pioneer Scholar, FREP and, of course, as successor to Richard Freeman as our JCR President has been truly exceptional.
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Principal's Blog - Michaelmas 1st Edition

In this first edition of my blog for 2021/22, I am compelled to begin by thanking South College's outstanding FREPs.
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