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Dear Freshers,

We want every Southie to enjoy Durham University to the full. Our clubs, societies and South College events offer many opportunities to make friends, keep fit and be creative. However, we know that money can be tight. 

South does not have colossal endowments or millionaire alumni, at least not yet. However, we do have some funds available to support activities. So, if you are concerned that engagement in the wider student experience may be beyond your budget, South College bursaries can provide support.  Listed below are some of the activities for which Southies may apply for help with costs:

  • Attendance at College Formals, including the cost of purchasing a gown as well as tickets.
  • JCR Membership Fees:  of course, we encourage you to join the JCR. Your JCR Executive organise many fun events and offer important support to South College activities of every kind. By becoming a member, you will save money on tickets for College Formals, College Balls and numerous other activities.  
  • Membership fees for South College clubs or societies or for University Societies e.g. the Durham Union debating society
  • Purchase of essential personal Kit or equipment to aid participation
  • College Gym membership at the Mount Oswald Hub to support physical and mental wellbeing
  • Transport costs to support engagement in activities that require you to travel beyond Durham (such as sport, music, drama, volunteering or outreach)

For details of South College bursaries and scholarships, including advice on how to apply, please visit 

All best wishes,

Professor Tim Luckhurst MA, FRSA
Principal of South College