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St Cuthbert’s Society Bursaries, Grants and Prizes

Library shelves with a view through an archway to the desks where students are reading.

St Cuthbert’s Society awards bursaries, grants and prizes in recognition of academic achievement and of contributions to college life in fields such as music, drama and sport as well as service to our college community and beyond. Grants are also available to support aspirational student development activities, and bursaries and grants are provided to support students of lesser financial means and those who experience unexpected hardship. Awards and grants are funded thanks to the generosity of Cuth’s alumni and friends.

Some of the awards and grants are awarded on the basis of entitlement, others by recommendation and attainment, or by application. Each category is listed separately below. Details of application dates and requirements are circulated in advance of deadlines.

Most awards and grants are determined by College Officers, who may seek input from others such as representatives of the JCR.

Awards by Entitlement


Full and part bursaries, covering some core college costs, are considered and awarded on the basis of household income to new undergraduate home students. For further information see Bursaries Page .

Awards and Grants by Application

Funds are available for high quality, aspirational student development activities, including sports, arts, volunteering, research and career development.

More information about each award can be found by following the links below. There will be a form for current students to fill in when applications are open.

Senior Common Room Performing Arts Grant 

Students can apply for an SCR Performing Arts Grant of up to £100.

Student Development Award 

Students can apply for a Student Development Award of up to £250 for an individual and £500 for a group.

Postgraduate Research Grant 

Students can apply for a Postgraduate Research Grant of up to £250.

The Dr Anthony J Palmer Postgraduate Award

This award, which is worth £2500, is intended to provide help towards living costs and/or tuition fees.


Other Opportunities for Funding

St Cuthbert’s Society Tigers’ Lair – Community Enrichment Project 
‘Cuth’s Roar – From Pitch to Positive Change’  

All staff, students and teams within St Cuthbert’s Society can apply for Tigers’ Lair Funding. It is an opportunity for students and staff to put forward their ideas for community enrichment and improvement initiatives to benefit the Cuth’s community, to enhance the wider student experience at Cuth’s and to gain funding to make these ideas a reality. The Tigers’ Lair is a way in which the College can support creativity, innovation and forward thinking.  Each year we invite students and staff to put forward a project idea for positive and progressive change to enrich the Cuth’s community and wider student experience. 
Up to £2,000 for each project is available.

Simon Cole Memorial Fund

Cuth’s has launched a new student bursary scheme aimed at improving mental health. The Simon Cole memorial fund has been set up by a group of alumni in memory of their friend and fellow Cuth’s Alum Simon Cole.


Awards by Attainment and Recognition- Prizes

Principal’s Prize

An annual prize of £100 is awarded to a student of St Cuthbert’s for sustained and exceptional contribution to the life of St Cuthbert’s Society. (Nominated by the College Officers).

Vice Principal’s Prize

An annual prize of £100 is awarded to a student of St Cuthbert’s for contribution to the Arts and to the Cultural Life of the Society. (Nominated by the College Officers).

Postgraduate Prize

An annual prize of £100 is awarded to one postgraduate for outstanding academic achievement. (Nominated by the departments).

Senior Common Room Prize

An annual prize of £100 is awarded to a student of St Cuthbert’s who has made the most contribution to the voluntary and charity sector (Nominated by Experience Durham).

The Norton Prizes

An annual prize of £50 is awarded to 8 first year students (2 from each of the 4 faculties) for outstanding academic performance in their first year (Nominated by the departments).

The Charles Holmes Prize

An annual prize of £250 is awarded for the best academic performance by a final year student (Nominated by the departments). This is funded by a legacy left to The Society by Charles Holmes, former Senior Tutor of the Society.

The Ranald Michie Prize

An Annual Prize of £150 for an outstanding contribution to JCR activities by a first-year student (funded by Cuth’s alumni in honour of an ex-Senior Tutor).