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Junior Common Room

A group of students meeting in the Bailey Junior Common Room showing armchairs and posters.

The Junior Common Room (JCR) is the name given to our student body, both Undergraduate and Postgraduate. It is led by the Student Executive Committee and the sabbatical President and Finance and Compliance Officer (FCO). The JCR engages closely with the Society's senior leadership team, ensuring that the student voice is heard and that Cuth's continues to develop according to the needs of all its members. When you become a member of the JCR, you can challenge the way we do things, making suggestions and bringing ideas forward.

As well as being the representative body, the JCR supports over 40 different sports and societies and a variety of facilities including two gyms, a music room, a conference room; it also runs the college library and organises the main social events of the year such as the Michaelmas Ball, St Cuthbert's Feast, Summer Ball and Cuth's Day. There is an outreach committee that provides volunteering and fundraising opportunities as well as an international and welfare committee to represent and support you.

The JCR is run for students, by students and it is a fantastic way to meet people. There are over 110 positions in the JCR (no prior experience required!) ranging from a ball manager to a member of the finance committee - the JCR manages its own finances. You can run for any of these positions at JCR elections. You will enjoy the experience and develop employable skills along the way.

Cuth's JCR is a registered charity, aiming to enrich and support students' lives during their degrees and provides the extra-curricular opportunities which make Cuth's the unforgettable community it is.

Please contact if you would like any more information.


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