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Esther Dingley on a mountain


The Esther Dingley Fund

The Esther Dingley Fund has been established in memory of Esther Dingley, an alumna of the College of St Hild and St Bede. Esther loved the life she and her partner Dan had created for themselves. Her fiance, Dan, had a near death experience and this catalysed them to change the lives they were living. They left Durham and purchased a camper van to travel around Europe and they lent a hand wherever they could, whether it be litter picking on the beach, learning about sustainable farming or helping/working for various charities. Esther was all about community, holding a positive attitude and outlook on life and living it to its fullest. In Esther’s own words, ‘travel has opened us up to new ways of looking at life, at people and the world’. She took full advantage of opportunities that came her way. She has been regularly in touch with College and keen to help out however she could to both our students and alumni community. She recently wrote a moving article about their life on the road and even came to visit the college grounds when lockdown has eased. She passed away doing what she loved most.

The scholarships are to support travel, living and all associated to pursue study abroad opportunities.

The Award

This fund will enable the annual award of bursary to support an undergraduate or postgraduate student from the College of St Hild and St Bede, with travel associated costs such as flights and/or accommodation. The funding available will contribute to the award holder’s fulfilment of their academic and personal growth by enabling them to work with communities and in a foreign country. This bursary would seek to appeal to students who might, for instance, like to work or volunteer for a charity of their choice overseas, take part in an internship, or attend a conference. The bursary is particularly aiming to support students who otherwise would not be able to meet the costs of their proposed activity.

Eligibility and applications


  • The fund supports the award of an annual bursary of £500 to an undergraduate or a postgraduate student at the College of St Hild and St Bede
  • Applicants must be a student member of the College and of the SRC
  • The bursary will be targeting students who can demonstrate that they are unable to undertake their proposed activity unless they are able to receive financial aid.

Additional Conditions

The award of the bursary is dependent on agreement to write a report on the activity supported and to allow College to publish and disseminate that in furtherance of Esther’s memory and promotion of the award.

Awarding the bursary

The bursary will be advertised to all student members of College and applications reviewed by a committee comprising the College Principal, our Alumni Development Officer, a member of the SRC Executive and two representatives Esther’s family.


Applications should be made in writing to the College Principal, Prof Simon Forrest at

You will need to use the form which can be made available to on request. It asks for information concerning eligibility and a statement about the need for and purpose to which support will be put. You will be asked to indicate your contribution to College life. You will also be asked to confirm agreement to conditions attached to any award.

Applications will open in June 2022