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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 

The Department of Anthropology is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in all areas of our teaching and research.  We seek to promote equality of opportunity for all our students and staff, to promote diversity in our community, to provide an inclusive environment and to eliminate any form of harassment or discrimination.  


Transgender Awareness Month

EDI November

Black History Month



Black History Month: The Anthropology department salutes and celebrates our sisters' academic legacies and achievements. Read more in our BHM Bulletin by clicking on this link



Whats on this Month?


EDI November

EDI OctoberEDI OctoberEDI October 1

Our Diversity Activities

The Anthropology Department undertakes a range of equality, diversity and inclusion activities including work to support First Generation Scholars, participation in the Athena Swan programme and efforts to Decolonise the Curriculum.

Anthropology Diversity Activities

First Generation Scholars

Our First Generation Scholars (FGS) network is run by FGS students and works to improve the experience for all FGS in Anthropology.
3 students talking

Athena Swan Charter

The Anthropology department was awarded a Bronze Athena Swan award in 2020 and we are currently working towards the Silver award.
Athena Swan Bronze Award Logo

Decolonising the Curriculum

Our work on Decolonising the Curriculum is led by a working group and we currently teach a Decolonising Anthropology module for our 3rd year students.
Handwritten 'Decolonise The Curriculum' protest sign on brown cardboard box, mounted in window with green ARTH SERIES logo

EDI Action Plan

Our EDI Action Plan demonstrates how we promote EDI within our department community, teaching and research.
people pointing at plan on whiteboard

University-wide Diversity Initiatives

Examples of university-wide diversity initiatives led by Anthropology staff
Illustrated group of people with colourful chat bubbles and diverse team

Mature Students Group (MSG)

Our Mature Students Group (MSG) is run by students to improve the experience for all mature students in Anthropology

EDI Committee

Our EDI Committee meets once a term.  Please contact for further information or to raise concerns.