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What can I do with an Anthropology degree?

With an anthropology degree our students acquire a fascinating and useful knowledge base, as well as an unusual mix of intellectual and practical skills.  Employers worldwide are looking for this combination of skills and particularly so where creativity, curiosity and the ability to understand human culture and society are at a premium.

Our graduates use their anthropology directly in fields such as health, community work, conservation, education, international development, culture, and heritage. A significant number progress into careers which utilise the broad understanding of human society and behaviour as well as the many transferable skills that come with the study of Anthropology. Employment fields in this category include advertising, publishing, journalism, human resource management, public relations, finance, law, consultancy and marketing. 

A large proportion of our students progress onto higher level study following their degree in Anthropology. Many remain within their academic field of interest and pursue higher level anthropological research, notably at Durham but also other prestigious institutions including Imperial, University College London, Manchester and York. Others take a different route and pursue professional postgraduate programmes in both related and non-related fields. 

The Anthropology degree gives you a thorough grounding in anthropology: offering interesting optional modules enabling you to explore people's customs, health care systems and cultures all over the world both past and present. I feel lucky to have found a degree that grabbed my interest from the onset. Since graduating, I’ve qualified as a teacher and as a Careers Advisor working in graduate positions.

Jane Gemmel
BA (Hons) Anthropology