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Seminar series

The Biosciences department runs two seminar series: Departmental seminars that cover a wide range of biological topics, and EEE seminars that cover topics related to Ecology, Evolution and Environment. Please scroll down to find information about these seminars.

Departmental Seminars

Departmental Seminars are held during term time, on Thursdays from 13.00 - 14.00 in L50 (between Biosciences and Psychology). Recognising that our audience is likely to be broad, speakers have been asked to make their talks accessible, focusing a substantial part of their material on general issues and background to their work. If you have suggestions for additional speakers or would like to know more about the program, please email Dr Vincent Croset: 


Ecology, Evolution and Environment (EEE) seminar series (2023/24)

These seminars will take place at 12pm on a Tuesday in L50 (between Biosciences and Psychology) though a small number will be online via Zoom. In these cases the joining links will be emailed in advance. If you have any questions, please contact the EEE seminar organiser Dr Andreanna Welch:


Date Speaker Title Format
10th October 2023 Dr. Louise Mair (Newcastle University) Global biodiversity conservation and policy In-person
17th October 2023 Dr. Kieren Lawrence (Durham University) The impacts of climate change on long-distance migratory birds In-person
24th October 2023 Dr Elva Robinson (University of York) Organisation of social behaviours in relation to
environmental conditions and change
31st October 2023 Dr Evelyn Jensen (Newcastle University) Museomics informing conservation of the Galapagos
Giant Tortoises
7th November 2023 Dr Shoko Sugasawa (University of St. Andrews) Handling without hands: a bird's eye view of construction behaviour' Online
14th November 2023 Dr. Marius Somveille (University College
Unravelling the ecological processes driving bird
migration across scales
21st November 2023 Dr. Mike Speed (University of Liverpool) The Evolution of Chemodiversity In-person
28th November 2023 Dr. Maria Tello-Ramos (University
of St. Andrews)
Architectural signatures and cooperative building in birds In-person
5th December 2023

Dr. Jack Hatfield (University of York)

Biotic homogenisation in Anthropocene avian