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Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships

Funding competitions includes opportunities for PhD students to work with partner organisations, which are not higher education institutions, but are, for instance, museums, galleries, archives, heritage organisations, businesses, or charities.

Anyone interested in developing a Collaborative Doctoral Award partnership should contact the Director of Postgraduate Research, Dr Toby Osborne.

Student-led applications are submitted in January, as part of the standard PhD application process.

Supervisor-led Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships have, in the past, included partnerships with Tyneside Cinema, the Bowes Museum, and Blackfriars Restaurant.

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Click below to learn more about our current and forthcoming Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships

Constitution-making in Sudan

This doctoral research project looks at previous moments of possible change in Sudan, and why these ultimately failed
Globe of Africa

Nostalgia and the Transformation of Working-Class Heritage

This project aims to develop stories that resituate sites of working-class heritage in global and colonial contexts
Easington Colliery

The Transmission of Taste

This project examines medieval English recipe collections during a crucial period in their evolution, looking at evidence for changes in taste
A group of people watch and smile as a man chops food

Making Chocolate in the British Atlantic World: Foodways, Consumption, and Heritage

This PhD studentship will explore early modern chocolate between the late sixteenth and eighteenth centuries
A cocoa tree and roasting hut